About Us

What is chap-four? A coffee shop? A book shop? A fashion blog? Nope. We are fashion grocery store and we are everything~! In a way of Chinese Cantonese, we defined it as “grocery”.

chap-four is a fun fashion grocery store and whereby our goal are multiple, various, full of variety; where a store which not only limit to a values but it’s interlocking with customers with customer satisfaction with our specialist – Fashion and latest trendy goods.  

hap-four also a form of fashion grocery store, is a self-service store offering a wide variety of fashions and latest trendy goods. It is larger in size and has a wider selection than a traditional fashion blogshop. chap-four is a way of bigger scale and more selections in the range of merchandise than any others.  

You can find fashion goods in terms of tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, scarves, stockings, and even IT products such as mp3, thumb drive and etc in chap-four. We also way of good in terms of to ease your parking and frequently the convenience of shopping hours that available far into the 24 hours a day or even open daily!

chap-four usually offer goods at best prices by reducing their economic margins. Certain products (typically staple foods such tops, bottoms & dress) are occasionally sold as loss leaders, (yes, sometimes with negative profit margins)! To maintain a profit, chap-four insist to provide good quality of goods provided with limited quantity and most of the items are not restock-able. This is to attempt to make up for the lower margins by a higher overall volume of sales, and with the sale of higher-margin items.

Save your time to browse around, chap-four ain’t just selling "chapfour", we are more than "chapfour"!

Happy shopping =)