ChurpOut 2013 @ Setia City Park

A little update of our participation on ChurpOut2013 @ Setia City Park last weekend, 18/10/2013. Well, the weather is really really a naughty boy that day, hot sun rain super windy rain rain windy windy rain again..... 
But we pretty enjoy to meet up with our existing purchaser who came and say hello to us and ask for more updates =p haha... will do will do...! You never know your little praise is our motivation though~ 
Also, we have to say Thank you to ChurpChurp for the free upgrade on our booth! hehe

Here you go some of the photos we took that day, not so much of photos =( 

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~! our little logo done by the organizer
our frontage, opssss... sorry accidentally took my hubby in haha  
chap-four big big logo signage~ 

left role of our display~

right role of the display~

can you spot us? our big big logo at the front there~
Can you also spot the big cloud on top of us? !@#$%^&*
chap-four big big logo again =D
from Setia City Mall overlooking to the park~ awesome right?
super big cloud there !~@$%^&* 

Churpbungee - highlight of the event! cooooOoool~!

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